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Our Rousseau automotive storage products will ensure your parts and tools to be well organized and protected. Along with their strength and durability, these products provide a great amount flexibility, allowing you to have an adaptable work environment that your service department and auto technicians will benefit from.

High-Density Storage:

You will have a competitive edge when you furnish your parts store with our Rousseau automotive storage products. With high-density storage, your parts department employees will find items quickly in a smaller spacing valuable time.

An Adaptable Work Environment:

For the service department, your auto repair technicians will benefit with a work environment that is oriented to their needs, thanks to the multitude of accessories that respond to their current and future requirements.


Due to the variety of accessories available, these products can be adapted to virtually any application.

Protection for Your Specialized Tools:

We know how valuable your tools are. Our Rousseau modular drawers and accessories have been designed to protect your tools no matter what their size or dimension.

Filing and Archiving:

Rousseau products can also help you with your office space. Whether you are in need of an orderly solution for your paperwork, your client’s files, or archival record storage, we can supply you with quality solutions that will respond to your needs now and in the future.

Strength and Durability: 

Our Rousseau products have been developed to give you a full return on your investment, for many years to come.

At Grace Material Handling we can show you how Rousseau products will respond to your needs.